Astronomy and Global Systems Essay

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Climate change is becoming more of a problem every year. Climate change is a steady increase of temperature in the earth’s atmosphere caused by the increase of CO2 levels due to human activities and natural phenomena. This climate change is causing major effects on permafrost, sea ice, ocean currents and biodiversity which can potentially harm the earth and its living beings severely in the years to come. Climate change, as mentioned before, is the steady increase of temperature in the earth’s atmosphere. The cause of global warming is known as the ‘greenhouse effect’. The greenhouse effect is where infrared radiation (mostly CO2) from the earth is trapped by greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. Once it is trapped, the greenhouse gas sends back the heat in all different directions, including back to the earth. This effect will heat up the earth (Global Warming is Happening). The effect of global warming has already become evident on the earth’s surface. The rise in average air and ocean temperatures, melting of ice and the increase of the average sea level are signs of global warming (Climate Change Science and Research). Unless humans have controlled the level on CO2 that is being transmitted from the earth, the earth will continue to heat up and the effects of global warming will become worse and worse (Global Warming). Permafrost is a layer of rock or soil which is frozen throughout the year. When temperatures rise, permafrost thaws. This then causes the land on top of the permafrost to change shape or sink. Permafrost holds significant levels of carbon. Once the permafrost is melted, the carbon which is trapped is released into the atmosphere as methane. This is a perfect example of a ‘positive feedback loop’. A positive feedback loop is when the effects of global warming occurs and leads to even more global warming. The result of the change of land or

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