Asthma As a Chronic Disease Essay

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In Australia, chronic diseases are estimated to be responsible for nearly 80 per cent of the total burden of disease and injury, and more than two thirds of all health expenditure (National Health Priority Council, 2006; Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, 2006). A recent survey of the elderly population of Cooinda identified a lack of health promotion, education and support in relation to chronic diseases experienced by this group of the population. The Cooinda Regional Community Health Network has asked me as an Osteopath to discuss the chronic disease Arthritis in the elderly. I am preparing an essay on Arthritis because I am coming into contact with a lot of the local population who are developing Arthritis. The ideas shared below are related to an Osteopath dealing with Arthritis, the incidence and prevalence of Arthritis, my role as an osteopath, two other health professionals that would help with Arthritis in my field of work like a Orthopaedic and a rheumatologist and how an Osteopath can work effectively with the other disciplines to manage arthritis Arthritis isn’t just a disease that attacks one area of the body; the word Arthritis is a broad term that describes hundreds of medical conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system. Arthritis is usually found where there are 2 bones joining together. Arthritis causes many problems including cartilage damage, pain, inflammation, wearing down of the cartilage in between the bones causing them to hit each other and stiffness. The problems associated with Arthritis can impact on people’s daily activities in the form of joint weakness, which can affect driving and walking. For some people this is a major detriment to their lives and can affect their quality of life and their independence. In the elderly, Arthritis is a major cause of disability and chronic pain in Australia, with 3.85 million Australians

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