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Today, we worry about our lives daily, whether it be driving home from school or work, flying in a plane, or if we’ll get some disease and drop dead. We worry about the end of the world now with global climate change, terrorism, atomic warfare and now radical weather patterns are more prominent than ever. However, one very real threat to our lives that we neglect to acknowledge is that of asteroid collisions. Some of these asteroids are more than a mile wide, and if a collision were to happen, it would result in a 300,000 megaton explosion. Each megaton is equivalent to one million sticks of dynamite, and an explosion like that would cause a global catastrophe. It would wipe out entire cities; kill hundreds of thousands of people, and just as many animals and plants. If it so happened that an asteroid landed in an ocean, (which is more likely on this planet seeing as how it is 3/4ths water) it would cause a massive tsunami. The waves would rise hundreds of feet and flood the surrounding continents, leaving only swamps and wetlands where there used to be cities and beaches. However, if a similarly sized asteroid were to hit Earth on land, it could devastate cities and kick up enough dust to block out any sunlight “for weeks, if not months.” The mile-diameter asteroids are the biggest worry, but don’t think that smaller ones won’t make an impact (pun intended). It has been shown in an area in Siberia, that even a comet 200 feet across can cause significant damage. Although this comet missed any civilization, it still devastated an area of a couple hundred square miles, killing wildlife, knocking down trees, and starting fires. So, just because an asteroid isn’t 5280 feet across, doesn’t mean it couldn’t potentially kill hundreds of thousands of people. The thing that really makes these asteroids scary and a real threat, is that we have only tracked about 10%

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