Assisted Suicidse Is Not Murder Essay

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Assisted Suicide Is Not Murder Assisted suicide is a very touchy issue but should be allowed for all terminally ill patients. Any person who has been diagnosed terminal should be allowed to end their pain and suffering. The term assisted suicide has several different interpretations. The most widely used and accepted is the intentional hastening of death by a terminally ill patient with assistance from a doctor, relative, or another person. Some people think that the definition should include the words, in order to relieve extreme pain and suffering Most people just want to live and die with dignity. We live life the way we choose to. We make important choices and decisions all through our lives. We live in a world where we are free to make these decisions, and they can be very difficult to make. Death is going to happen to us all. We never know when our time will come. With assisted suicide, if you are terminally ill, you can plan your own death. We have the right to refuse any medical treatment that might prolong our lives if we wish. We should be able to elect to have an ejection that would end our suffering. Many may not want to live a life that has no meaning. A person should have the freedom of choice to end their life if they are mentally competent to do so. Unfortunately, terminally ill people have no chance of getting better or finding a miracle cure. According to many doctors the expression terminally ill means, being in the final stages of a disease that is incurable. In an age when medical costs are rising so quickly, is it ethical to engage in extremely expensive treatment to prolong someone’s life? This money could be put to better use by helping them end their pain and suffering. For example, a 72 year old man has terminal cancer. He has received chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and is being fed through a feeding tube. His doctors have

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