Assisted Suicide: Dying With Dignity

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Assisted Suicide: Dying with Dignity Assisted suicide should be a lawful medical procedure, performed by a licensed medical practitioner, on a competent, consenting, terminally ill adult. This procedure would be a compassionate response to fully relieve the suffering of dying patients. The focus will be on adults who have the ability to consent to ending their own life with the help of a medical professional. For many people suffering from hopeless cases of untreatable diseases or illnesses, in uncontrollable pain, or who simply do not wish to continue on in this life as a dependent, should have the option to end their life with dignity, on their own terms. With the advancement of technology and medicine, we have been able…show more content…
However, for a terminally ill person, life can often be too sorrowful and stressful to cope with. For this reason, they wish to permanently end the battle that plagues them day in and day out. They simply want to be at rest. In this paper, I will define assisted suicide in its most basic forms. I will provide pertinent background information on a very famous case, detailing assisted suicide. I will bring forth arguments both for and against this practice. To further my point, I will refute opposing arguments that assisted suicide is immoral by detailing the benefits of it. I will also highlight why assisted suicide is a moral act. At the conclusion of this paper, one will be able to clearly see why assisted suicide helps terminally ill individuals, die with dignity, and for this reason, should be made into law. What is assisted suicide? Assisted suicide is a term most commonly used to describe actions by which a person helps another person bring about his or her own death, voluntarily. To “assist” may mean providing a person with either the equipment or other tool, used to help them carry out the…show more content…
The only problem is that this act is against the law. Would the legalities stop you from pursuing your rights to happiness; in this case, an end to the constant reminder of a miserable and painful existence? Physician- assisted suicide should be made into law because it is the right of every human being to carry out their final wishes in the way that they see fit. People who suffer from degenerative, painful, untreatable conditions, are unable to fully enjoy their life as healthy people do. In most cases, a person who is “deathly ill,” is one that requires round the clock medical care, is totally dependent on others for the most basic of human tasks, and could not survive on their own without the help of medical intervention. Just as a fetus who is not viable outside of the womb before eighteen weeks, a terminally ill person is not capable of living, and developing under such unfavorable conditions. Furthermore, having access to physician- assisted suicide allows for total control on the part of the patient in determining the most ethical, moral and merciful manner, in which to carry out one’s death. Many people oppose the idea of physician- assisted suicide. Even though the benefits

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