Assisted Suicide Essay

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1. Give an account of the issues as it is presented in text 1 and 2 For many people life can be rough sometimes but for some people who are suffering in so deeply pain, life can be worth not living anymore. But how do people come to that point and should it be legal to kill people as long as they want to? News about suicide I tragic, but is help to commit suicide less tragic? It is a tough debate with many ethical aspects, some of them is pointed out in text 1 and 2. The first text by Nina Lakhani is representing Mr Nicklinson who has been unable to move and speak since he was a victim to a catastrophic stroke in Athens in 2005. Nicklinson wants to choose when to die and wants to be assisted by a doctor, there legally should be able to help him. Nicklinson sees assisted suicide as part of a person’s human rights to determine when and where to end his life. He does not want to die of natural causes that he means society and religion is telling us to do. The second text by Allison Pearson says it is insane idea to imagine doctors helping terminally ill patient dying as Mr Nicklinson. Pearson has asked a cancer consultant that says it would change the relationship and trust between patients and doctors, if a doctor was helping people ending their lives. She is arguing that if Nicklinson wants other people to end his life, he could instead end it by himself with starvation or stop taking his medication. Her point shows the double standard Nicklinson has when he first argues he rather will die than survive his stroke and afterwards uses medication to keeps him alive. The matter in hand concerns ethical questions. How do we help people who think their life is too painful and rather die than suffer in pain. But at the same time we need to take the doctors into consideration so nobody feel forced to kill someone and later regret it. 2. How does the

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