Assisted Suicide Essay

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How would you feel if you had to spend each day lying in pain as you watch the clock tick your life away? I believe that PAD or (physician assisted dying) should be allowed for terminal patients in all states and not just Washington, Oregon, Vermont. Physician Assisted Dying should be made legal because it ends the suffering of the patient, it eases the burdens placed on their loved ones, and gives them the power to choose when and how they die. Death is not a joke. There are many cases where individual afflicted with terminal illnesses wish to die yet cannot because of many factors many such as the cannot do it there Selves, and they cannot be helped because to some it cannot be morally justified. The act of assisted is a necessary mean for those who can only sit and watch as their lives disappear slowly. Many believe assisted suicide is an inhumane immoral deed that should never be done because of the fact that many that you are unjustly taking the life and any chance of survival that the person may have had yet in truth it is the complete opposite. Allowing someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness such as heart disease to die would not be considered an immoral and inhumane but it would be considered an act of mercy and love. The act of assisted suicide should be made legal so the patient can have the option. It is understandable that their needs to be way to make sure that the patients want to “end his/her life” such as the mandate safeguards in the northern territory which has many differs safeguard one being that “To qualify for the Act the person has to be over the age of Eighteen (Phillip Nitschke, 2011) safeguard like these can allow the patient to choose what happens to her or his life. Watching a loved one in pain can be just as painful. For the many families with relatives with terminal illnesses the burden on them is immeasurable.

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