Assisted Suicide Essay

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Running Head: Right to Die 1 Donita Bennett PHI200 Mind and Machine Dr. Frank Morelli March 06,2010 T HE RIGHT TO DIE 2 The impact of having input in the decision making process associated with choosing whether someone should live or die seems to include many considerations. Among them are moral and ethical beliefs of the individual or individuals making the decision and in some cases the desire of the patient. Nevertheless it is a difficult issue to cope with on all levels. It can be debated over and over again do we have a right to die when medical treatment is no longer a viable option? ( Susan Wolf’s,2008), Her story examines a prime example of human suffering that raises this very question. She was confronted with a terminally ill father who at some point in his illness, believed in living life to the very end but eventually, due to the extent of his pain and suffering decided that he would rather die now rather than succumb to the illness itself. In the end Susan was confronted with making decisions that were contrary to her own beliefs. Although this case was not a case of assisted suicide or euthanasia, which is against the law in the United States, the outcome of the decision to accelerate by depriving hydration and nutrition was the same. Susan’s father wanted to accelerate the process but solicited the agreement of family that this was his best option. It is always tragic to see a loved one

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