Assisted Suicide Essay

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Miriam Estime ENC 1102 Professor Galvin 11/10/2010 Assisted Suicide: Throughout the twentieth and the twenty first century, the life expectancy of an average person has increase because of major scientific and medical advances. Even though these scientific and medical advances makes people live longer, they also make some people live longer by having more pain and suffering. Now, doctors can use machines and others devices to preserve human lives artificially. This rise the question whether or not a person have the freedom to choose to end their lives by assistance when they are suffering from a terminal disease or they remain in a vegetative state where they cannot voices their wishes for termination or continuation of life. Death is feared by a lot of people, but if someone wants to choose to end their life that person must be suffering from an excruciating pain cause by a terminal illness. Many people don’t want to end their lives in a horrible way, which is why they want to have a person that can assist them the right way. Assisted suicide is committed with the assistance of a physician by a person who is terminally ill or in unmanageable pain. There are many ways a person can be assisted in taking their lives. Physician assisted suicide, is when the physician prescribe a lethal drug that is self administered by the patient to take their own. Active or voluntary euthanasia is a type of suicide when physicians give a lethal dose of medication to the patient. Another type of assisted suicide is passive euthanasia, which is when treatments are withhold or withdrawing life support necessary to continue one’s life. Many people have considered the idea of a gracious and acceptable death since many, many years ago. However, recently an individual’s choice in dying became a widespread social issue and a legal concern. Assisted suicide is legal in countries such

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