Assisted Suicide Essay

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Porche` Lewis Mrs. Jenkins English IV/1010/AP 10/22/12 Assisted Suicide? Should patients who are ill have the right to commit physician-assisted suicide? What if a man who has been in intensive care for three months gets tired of the pain and wants to die. Should he have the choice of receiving physician-assisted suicide? Assisted suicide is when a patient is provided with the means and instructions to intentionally kill himself or herself. Euthanasia is very different from physician-assisted suicide because it is when a patient is intentionally killed by a person. It can be requested by the patient, requested by someone else for the patient, or carried out against the patient’s wishes. Some would say Euthanasia is morally wrong because of intentionally taking someone’s life while others support the idea of physician- assisted suicide. As the issue spreads, many people determine their stance based on morals and their opinion of the health care system. For decades people have voiced their opinion about the hot button topic of physician-assisted suicide and Euthanasia. Those who support assisted suicide and euthanasia believe it is morally acceptable because it allows people to die with dignity. There is no meaning to Right to Die, right is something that someone has a just claim. So many people are confused why people are trying to make it illegal. People die saving others as in way to die with dignity; they would rather end life then suffer and drag their death (Gamboa). Some doctors like Dr. Jack Kevorikan are for physician-assisted suicide. Some researchers say it would save healthcare, and some people would like die with dignity and painless even though many people disagree with it. A supreme case aspired because of man of a name called Dr. Jack Kevorikan, also named “Dr. Death” was sentenced to jail in 1999 for assisting a man with Amyotrophic lateral

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