Assisted Suicide Essay

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ASSISTED SUICIDE 1 Assisted Suicide Herb Byers PHI 200 Mind and Machine Instructor Benjamin Wright April 18, 2011 ASSISTED SUICIDE 2 Wondering whether should do what our aging mother or father wants and end their lives when they have no hope for recovery is a question we with aging parents may have to face. Should we respect their wishes and terminate life support or medical support should our parents, have no hope for recovery. The answer depends on what the person believes. Ending a human life by means of mercy-killing is murder in the technical sense, but we get so caught up in our aging parents misery, pain and discomfort, that some of us feel that letting them go would do them best. For others, they see it as a clear sign of murder. We all want to know when to let go of a loved one and give them permission to die when their time is up and be okay with letting them go. Some pros to physician-assisted suicide would be that it would end the patient's discomfort and pain and the patient gets to decide whether or not to continue with their plan of treatment. Some cons to physician-assisted suicide would include the patient's life continues, despite their pain and discomfort, it may not be morally ethical in some states, and some people may argue whether it is the best for the patient. What is the difference between euthanasia and physician assisted suicide? Euthanasia is the speeding up the process of death in a terminally ill patient by means of removing life support, stopping medical procedures and medications, stopping food or water and allowing a patient to dehydrate or starve to death, or not performing CPR (cardio- ASSISTED SUICIDE

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