Assisted Suicide Essay

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Assisted Suicide Monique Myers Phi 200 Mind and Machine Professor Jon Stern October 17, 2011 First, consider whether or not suicide is sin. Webster defines suicide as "to put (oneself) to death: kill." In other words, suicide is to kill yourself or self-killing. Although the Bible does not use the word suicide, it teaches about killing. And in the case of Judas, the Bible simply says that he hung himself. Beginning with Cain killing Abel (Gen. 4:8-13), to the giving of the Ten Commandments (Ex. 20:13), to the teachings of Jesus (Matt. 5:21-22), and to apostolic teachings (Jam. 5:6), killing an innocent person has been against God's laws, therefore sin. God commanded and allowed man to kill in instances of defense from an attacker, capital punishment, and in war with hostile and sinful nations - all other killing is sin. "The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia" comments on suicide and its place throughout history among God's people stating: "Contrary to the practice and the philosophy of paganism, the act was held in deep abhorrence by the Hebrews because of the high value placed on human life. It was held inexcusable that any but the most degraded and satanic should lay hands on their own lives. Only the remorse of the damned could drive one to it, as witness Saul (1 S 31: 4) and Judas (Mt 27: 5)." Consequently, we have no other conclusion to make but that suicide (self-killing) is sin. Secondly, let us consider that the Bible teaches in the Old and New Testaments that it is a sin to cause, assist, or participate with another individual in sin. In (Jeremiah 32:35) we see that God considered it an abomination that people taught Judah to worship idols and therefore caused Judah to sin. Since the definition of abomination is a thing that is unlawful, we must conclude that it is unlawful to cause one to sin. Furthermore, we see in (I Kings

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