Assisted Suicde Essay

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Imagine being terminally sick for years, constantly in terrible pain and spending everyday in the hospital taking dozens of medicines, in multiple surgeries every month, then being told only having a limited time to live. Thousands of people all throughout the country have to deal with this. A solution to this would be assisted suicide where a doctor sedates you so you die peacefully. Many people who’re dealing with this would prefer to die peacefully and still having their dignity than bedridden and in agony.By examining terminal illness, pain and sadness, and knowing you could possibly die anyways, one can see that assisted suicide should be allowed for people who are terminally ill. Terminal illness is a type of disease that once you have it, it can't be cured or it can but the treatment can result in death. Thousands of people across the country have a terminal illness and most of the time they die but slowly and painfully. Doctors can slow it down and reduce it but the treatments are just as painful. Many patients would prefer to die than have to keep dealing with this knowing it can't be cured unless you're lucky. Some say that they would rather die peacefully and end the pain and still have some dignity left before the sickness consumes them. Now more and more and people are realizing that assisted suicide could be the best decision if there is no other alternative. Statistically, 77% of the country agree that assisted suicide should be allowed for the terminally ill while 25% still think it shouldn’t be allowed. Many other countries have allowed this like Britain, India, and many other countries. It has proven to not be a problem for those countries. People that have to deal with this stress should be able to decide if they still want to keep fighting or go down peacefully. Quote: “Matthew Donnelly loved life. But Matthew Donnelly wanted to

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