Assisted Living Vs Nursing Home

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There are quite a few questions that build up regarding the elderly. What is a better living style for them? Is it better to live on their own or is a nursing home a better fit? In this paper, there will be an exploration on programs that are available for senior citizens and also a comparison on the elderly living alone vs. living in a nursing home both in America and internationally. A program that is available is Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). It is an optional benefit under both Medicare and Medicaid that focuses entirely on the elderly, who are fragile enough to meet their State's standards for nursing home care. The program features complete medical and social services that can be provided at an adult day…show more content…
In the article “Assisted living or a Nursing home?” the writer states that “anyone with moderate to severe cognitive impairment and problem behaviors like resisting care or becoming alarmed if someone tries to help them shower generally belongs in either a dementia unit with well-trained staff or in a nursing home. In standard assisted living, there’s not enough staff to help.” Many senior citizens are in more need of help from professionals than expected. The best thing for those senior citizens is to live in a nursing home. Not all nursing homes are bad, even though most nursing homes have received a bad rep over the years. There are good nursing homes, and there are some elderly that need them. Another thing that the article mentions is how some senior citizens need regular monitoring due to their conditions that assisted living can not provide. The writer states that “those whose use of blood thinners involves regular testing to adjust the dosage. Assisted living doesn’t provide much health care, so residents risk becoming ‘frequent fliers’ — they’re going in and out of hospitals for conditions that could perhaps be treated in a nursing home.” The main purpose of assisted living is to reduce clients from going in and out of hospitals. If professionals that are involved in assisting the elderly cannot fulfill that need of providing health care, then the best thing for the senior citizens is to place them in a nursing home. The nursing home would be more beneficial towards treating the elderly in a suitable time. Another thing is that in most states assisted living staff cannot legally manage medication, and can only hand it to a resident. How would this help a senior citizen that suffers from dementia? Let us say that the one suffering from dementia is an older woman. That older woman can stuff the medication that she is receiving from her caregiver in her purse and completely forget to take it at a

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