Assistant Site Manager Responsibilities

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3. Define the specific duties regarding health, safety and welfare as defined by the legislation that is relevant to the job of an assistant site manager. The role of the assistant site manager in respect of safety, health and welfare is varying, this could be keeping records associated with health and safety e.g. statutory inspections, including records required by CDM for hazard management, sub-contractors method statements etc, anything included in the Construction Phase Plan and by the relevant procedures in the contractors Manual of Quality, Safety and the Environment. Ensuring all staff/visitors to the site have a health and safety induction before being actually allowed on site, he also may be responsible for ensuring that all staff/visitors adhere to health and safety rules whilst on site, maintaining statutory and other notices give example, the reporting and subsequent investigating of any incidents under RIDDOR, also the responsibility for regular inspection of the welfare facilities, and for ensuring action is taken to maintain the required standard This would be consistent with what the employer and site manager wishes it to be and which would be dependent, or limited to, the level of the his/her competence, especially in respect to H&S issues. 2) With which individuals would the site manager have the most contact with both on and off the site in respect to these activities?? The individuals the SM should have most contact with, in respect to all H&S issues, are their immediate supervisor/manager or the company's health and safety manager/adviser/officer. The assistant site manager will spend more time out of the site than the SM, so he will be vigilant looking for unsafe practices, sub-contractors not working to method statements; barriers warning notices etc requiring reconfiguring, or subject to unauthorised modification, and any
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