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ASSESSMENT 1: CASE STUDY REPORT THE CASE STUDY: Work-life in the global village Things used to be so uncomplicated. Before the restructuring, Dandan Yuwen reported to someone in her own office with whom she shared a language, a set of common cultural references, and most importantly, a time zone. (Work Late) It is 9.30 p.m. on a Thursday night in Shanghai. Yuwen finds herself participating in a conference call with colleagues in Europe. She’d like to do it from home with her husband and daughter. From past experience she knows she will be in for a late night because inevitably, her European colleagues will ask her to send them some kind of report ‘by the close of business’. In Europe, it’s about 4.30 p.m. – practically the close of business already. Yuwen only has access to the company’s public computer drives when she’s logged onto the company network. So she’s got to be at the office to send the people in Europe whatever they ask for. (Speak different language – Communication )Before the company restructured, this would not have happened. Yuwen reported to a supervisor who sat across the room from her – a Chinese man whose language and frame of reference she understands without difficulty. Now she must report in a foreign language to people from a different culture living in a time zone five hours away. She’s afraid she won’t understand everything that’s said, so she takes copious notes. And she stays at the office until 11.00p.m. to make sure the people in Europe get what they need. Otherwise, they might be unhappy, and Yuwen values her job too highly to allow that. However she did wonder to herself if her global colleagues ever appreciated what time it was in her part of the world. (Time Zone different) It is not just the timing of the conference calls that causes Yuwen anxiety. Last week, the US team called a teleconference at 8.00p.m.

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