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MMM132/MMMP132 – MANAGEMENT Guidelines for assignment 1, tri 2, 2012 You will note that there are 5 academic articles provided on the Portal for use in assignment 1. You are not required to use these articles and may find others on Deakin’s electronic databases that you prefer. The articles provided however have been chosen because all have relevant information that you can use for your assignment. Do I need to find other sources: The assignment requires that you use at least 8 academic sources, so you will need to find more than the 5 that have been provided for you. You will note on the Grade Form attached to the assignment that under the first learning objective criteria, ‘Find information appropriate to the task’ an Acceptable rating of 2/4 applies if you use eight academic references. Whilst you can use text books, which are academic references, to achieve 4/4 for this learning objective you will need to use Deakin’s electronic databases to find another 3 articles from academic journals. You need also to find sources that discuss use of Fayol’s concepts/ideas for today’s managers although this can certainly come from any of the sources, including texts, which you have decided to use. You can add additional non-academic sources too if you wish to do so. Your lecturer will explain this to you. Another idea to help you find more sources is to look at the reference list for each article. You might find some sources listed here that you could access and use too. Your task: Read through the assignment, noting in particular the STATEMENT and TASK headings. Your task is to write an essay discussing the statement about Henri Fayol’s contributions to management today, and criticisms of any of his contributions. To begin, it would be good to make dot points about the purposes of your paper. It is very difficult to ‘write’ an introduction to

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