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* 1. Tell the Kids We’re Moving to KenyaChapter 4 Closing Case * 2. Dale Pilger Dale Pilger, new managing director for General Motors, Kenya, will be moving to Kenya with his wife and two children All four attend cross-cultural training before making the move. Cross-cultural training is provided to prevent foreign-transfer flops * 3. The kids receive separate training from their parents. Eric had said before the training that “You’ll have to arrest me if you think you’re going to take me to Africa” After training, he states that he might volunteer at a wild-game reserve Mrs. Pilger is briefed on the safety of the region * 4. Does the Pilgers’ son Eric seem to have an ethnocentric, polycentric, or geocentric attitude? Ethnocentric attitude: View that the home country’s personnel and way of doing things are best Polycentric attitude: view that local managers in host countries know best how to run their operations Geocentric attitude: world-oriented view that draws on the best talent from around the globe. An effort is made to maintain a balance between global standards and local discretion * 5. Would you label Kenya a monochronic or a polychronic culture, based on the evidence in this case? Explain. Monochronic Time: A perception of time as a straight line broken into standard units Polychronic time: A perception of times as flexible, elastic and multi-dimensional * 6. Using Figure 4.1 as a guide, indicate which of the GLOBE leadership styles Pilger should use (and which he should avoid) in Kenya. Explain. Charismatic / Value Based: a visionary person who inspires high performance by exhibiting integrity and decisiveness Team-oriented: an administratively competent person and team builder who diplomatically emphasizes common purposes and goals Participative: a person who actively involves others in both making and carrying out decisions

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