Assimilation Of Immigrants

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History 121 Jay Wendelberger February 12, 2008 Assimilation of Immigrants I think these people can become full American citizens. There are couple reasons why I believe these people can assimilate to full American citizens. First of all, these people came to America to have a better life and to prosper. Most of these immigrants want to start a new life and forget about their past. Secondly, these people were persecuted in their homelands, so their way of life in America is way better than the life they had in Europe or wherever else they came from. Basically the life they are offered here is way better than the other. Thirdly, the European immigrants are actually closer to looking like “white”, so it’s really easier for them to assimilate than other Immigrants that didn’t migrated from Europe. It’s difficult for Chinese, Japanese and other non-Europeans that don’t fall under this category to assimilate. The first reason why I believe these people can become full American citizens is because they came here to have a better life and make the best out of their new life. I believe they would do anything to just fit in and be considered as “Americans”. Even though it may take time, they have the opportunity to better their life and prosper in this nation. The other thing is this nation is unique and different from the other nations. This country was build by immigrants. Knowing that this country is an immigrant nation would motivate them to start their process to assimilation. Personally, I’m a fellow immigrant and I believe that assimilation can happen without forgetting where you came from or your old tradition. You can keep that and blend that one with the new culture. So that way you have the best of both worlds. The second reason why I think they can become full American citizens is they wouldn’t have been here if they were not prepared to adapt to

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