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Soci 201-05 Chapter 9 Question Race and Ethnicity Assimilation Assimilation is defined as a process by which ethnic and racial distraction between groups disappear because one group is absorbed into the other group as the two cultures blend to together for form one (Ferrante, 2013). Milton M. Gordon believed there are six levels of assimilation, these raging in actual acceptance of the new culture (Ferrante, 2013). Assimilation consist of two main types, those being absorption and melting pot. Absorption is when the minority group conforms to the dominate group, learning and accepting the standards of the dominating group they have become. This includes leaving behind their language, religions, and many things they enjoyed or understood and identified with in their previous life. We then have the melting pot concept in which cultural blending occurs, where blending of beliefs and behaviors are accepted. There seems to be differences in the concept of assimilation in the US and Brazil. I believe these exist because Brazil tends to be the place the assimilation takes place and is more accepted. In US the practice is the place that still frowns on the interracial connection just as the frown on gays. How can it be completely accepted when the fact the same race of gays cannot be accepted?? That being said, in both the US and Brazil, Hierarchical segregation occurred under slavery, with the changes and fights to rid slavery you would think both countries would accept and deal with one another equally (Ferrante, 2013). The immigration and assimilation trend is usually from Brazil to the United States, though there seems to be no set profile of the Brazilian immigrant. Guimaraes indicates Brazilians usually come from more developed cities of Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Florianopolis and Porto Alegre. They are usually

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