Assimilation Essay

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The Little Piece in Everyone Foreigners have influxed from Britain, Mexico and Canada for centuries causing the United Stated to become a colossal melting pot of cultures, but these beautifully rich cultures are quickly lost because of stereotypes stating what being American truly means. Four authors show distinct characteristics of the assimilation process in their writing. They are Tomas Rivera, Victor Villanuava, Ramon Saldivar, and Richard Rodriguez.. Tomas Rivera was a farmer with his family until he got his PhD, Victor Villanueva is an equal rights activist as well as a professor located in Washington, and Saldivar became a professor at Stanford University. Unlike the others, Richard Rodriguez published his life’s pre-existent struggles that came when conforming to this new country which presents the idea that assimilation must occur to be accepted into society. Assimilation does not occur when left to learn by one’s self, but by one's surroundings and experiences. An immigrant’s role model is usually the first influential human when one is a newcomer. “I learned my first words of English over-hearing my parents speak to strangers” (Rodriguez par 8). When exposed to English, assimilation starts to take place because connections are made causing early distinctions between the differentiated classes by distinguishing pronunciation and fluency. Family regularly becomes an intrusion when attempting a new way of life. “English opened doors to society’s networks, rewards, and recognitions, but also subverted the family’s intimacy” (Saldivar par 2). When family is affected many immigrants stop the assimilation process to keep their closely knit family. On the other hand, interactions with gringos change the natives’ traits. “...the minority is no different than any other immigrant who came to this country ... in becoming part of America subtly changing what it

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