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First I am going to summarize the two articles that I have selected from the NPR website. The first article is growing up poor strengthened daughters bond with working mom and the second article is once homeless family feels blessed to wake up another day. Sonia Vasquez and her daughter Tina lived just outside of New York City. Sonia took on multiple jobs just to get by. Sonia now is 63 and Tina is now 29. Sonia feared that having such jobs affected her ability to be a good mom. She confessed that she would be aggressive at times and recalled when Tina was 3 or 4 and she was playing with her dolls and shouting at them. With experiencing that Sonia said to herself “Oh, my gosh, is that the way I act towards you?” Also Tina had said “Mommy I don’t like the way you speak to me. If you tell me the good things first and the bad thing ,I will listen to you. But when you don’t I just tune you out.” On Friday nights Sonia and Tina would dine at Denny’s where they would share a meal and the servers grew to know them and knew they struggled then would bring them extra food. Tina would restructure her expectations and ask for less expensive gifts for the holidays knowing her friends received fancier things. She stated that her mother gave her much more than that and it feels like that is worth 10 times those things. Also she said, “you make it sound like if I wanted to in this moment I could go walk on the moon” to her mother. My second article is about Franklin and his wife Sherry Gilliard. In 2007 they decided to go into business together and owned a driving school. Unfortunately shortly after they were hit by the 2008 recession. Bills and late notices came into play and it became evident that they were not afloat. And in 2013 they found themselves homeless. At the age of 46 Franklin said the bank and car repossession agents were knocking at their door. And Sherry at the

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