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1. EXPLAIN WHAT YOU UNDERSTAND WITH THE TERMS “RECORDS MANAGEMENT” IBM® Enterprise Records is an add-on component of the IBM FileNet® P8 suite of products. IBM Enterprise Records allows you to create and maintain accurate, secure, and reliable records for both electronic and physical information. You can use IBM Enterprise Records to manage records of any type, regardless of the storage media or format. Understanding IBM Enterprise Records depends on understanding what a record is and why you use a records management system. * An electronic document might be a single file, a digital photo, or a set of related files that can be treated as one object. For example, a set of files is an email message and its attachments. Electronic files exist in object stores and other repositories. When you declare the document as a record, IBM Enterprise Records manages the document, including its security and possible classification. This security often changes access to the document and can prevent the author from changing the document. * Physical objects might consist of videotapes, microfilm, hard disks, DNA samples, printed paper documents, and photos. They might be stored in boxes or file cabinets inside warehouses and other secure archival facilities. The record tracks the location of the physical object. * The term record is often used to refer informally to either the metadata file or the document or object that was declared as a record. Usually the context makes it clear which use is intended. * A repository that contains documents that can be declared as records is called a Records repository or Records Object Store (ROS). Records created in IBM Enterprise Records are stored in repositories called File Plan Object Stores (FPOS). Both object stores are part of Content Engine. The following figure depicts the creation of records from different sources.

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