Assignment Unit 10 Introduction to Children Learning.

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Assignment unit 10 introduction to children learning. D1-The two different Frameworks for children up until the age of 16 years are the Early Years Foundation Stage and The National Curriculum. D2-The aim for the EYFS framework is having a range of targets that children are likely to meet by the end of their reception year. The age for the EYF is 0-5. The EYFS supports learning in 6 areas the first is Personal, Social and Emotional Development where they concentrate on helping develop their self confidence, self-esteem, behaviour, self care, attitudes and making relationships. The next stage is Communication, Language and Literacy; this supports a child's learning by helping develop a child’s communication, thinking, reading, writing and linking sounds to letters. Another is Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy, this helps children’s learning because numbers, counting and calculating is another term for numeracy. There is also Knowledge and Understanding of the world which covers exploration, investigation, communities, Time, places, designing and making skills, this supports learning in science. Physical development is another framework where it teachers movement, space, Health and bodily awareness, using equipment and materials. The last frame work stage is Creative Development which covers arts and crafts; it teaches being creative, exploring media, materials, creating music, dance and developing imagination. The National Curriculum framework has three areas. Children have successful enjoyable learning. Another aim is to give children confidence to live safe, healthy lives. The last aim is to make responsible citizens who make positive contribution to the community. The age range for the National Curriculum is 5-16. The NC supports learning by providing lessons like Mathematics, English, Science, History, ICT, Music even Art and design. These
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