Assignment Sheet: 'Invention For Rhetorical Analysis'

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Assignment Sheet: Rhetorical Analysis Paper English 101 Dr. Susan Trollinger For this assignment, you are to write a rhetorical analysis of a contemporary (since 2008) advertisement or commercial of your choice. The purpose of your rhetorical analysis should be to analyze and evaluate the rhetorical strategies (ethos, logos, and pathos) used in the text to achieve the rhetorical purpose of the text with the audience targeted by the text. To prepare to write your rhetorical analysis, consult the “Invention for Rhetorical Analysis” worksheet. Your paper: The process of researching, thinking, and answering the questions in the “Invention” handout constitutes invention of the argument for your paper. Once you have invented your rhetorical analysis, then you need to consider how to arrange it—what the order of points should be. You will need an introduction that includes a thesis. In addition you will need to describe the target audience and the source. Be sure to identify any challenges that the source likely faced given its ethos or the product’s ethos given the audience. The bulk of your paper will be dedicated to your rhetorical analysis. Your rhetorical analysis must include analysis of the three modes of persuasion: ethos, logos, and pathos. Also, be sure to be evaluative and to argue that the text was or was not persuasive given its audience and the arguments/appeals used. Finally, be sure to conclude your paper with a summary of your argument and a meaningful closing.…show more content…
Learning outcomes of this assignment:  To use a process approach to writing that includes brainstorming, drafting, library research, and revision;  To write appropriately for an audience of your peers who are unfamiliar with this text but are fairly familiar with rhetorical analysis (you don’t have to define ethos, logos, pathos, for

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