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Assignment One: 1. Why were the major cities of britain bombed by the germans in 1940-1? At 11:45 am on the morning of 3rd of September 1938, the programme on the BBC radio was interrupted for a special broadcast by the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain. He spoke publicly from 10 downing street and announced that Germany and Britain had been at war since 11:00 am that morning. To most of the people in britain the fact that war had broken out was no surprise, as it had been expected. War had broken out at the time of the Munich Crisis. On the 22 of September Chamberlain and Hitler had a meeting, Hilter wanted the whole of the Sudetenland ( Czechoslovaskia area). Chamberlain had agreed to his demands. Once Chamberlain had returned he ordered Britain to prepare for what was about to break out. Trenches were dug, air-raid shelfters were built and plans for evacuation had started. The government had asked for 1 millions volunteers to serve in the emergancy. By November 1, 5 million people had volunteered to serve in the Civil Defence. Very important for the survivial of Britain was the completion of the radar network along the east and south coastsof Britain. Radar had been invented by Robert Watson Watt in 1936 but the stations were only completed in the summer of 1939. This radar gave the RAF a mighty advantage of warning them about German air raid. The RAF benefited from the 11 month delay between Munich and the outbreak out war. The two fighter planes that played an extremly important role were the Spitfire and the hurricane. By 1940 they would now be available in sufficient numbers to take on the more numerous Luftwaffe (the Germany

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