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Contemporary Issue assignment...You have to research one recent Issue which is related to the tourism industry. and you have to follow the question answer Example How this issue related to the tourism industry?, why,when that issue happened?, Who is the supperer?, you are required to choose a current issue in travel and tourism and analyse it by using rigorous secondary research methodologies. The issue could be anvthing the literature identifies as being a "current issue" with significant consequences on people, organisations, destinations or countries. you may want to choose from the following underlying factors: health factors (e.g' SARS, Foot and Mouth) or other social factors, changes in fashion (e.g. destinations becoming or other cultural factors, terrorism or other political factors, recession or otherun/fashionable) economic factors, climate change or other environmental factors, e-tourism, new forms of transportation or other technological factors. you may also want to pick up one of the following trends: the groMh of internet self-packaging, adventure tourism, extreme/sports tourism, rural/agro tourism, gastro tourism, grief tourism, nostalgic tourism, green tourism, grey tourism, religious tourism; health and wellness tourism, festival and event tourism, senior tourism, cruise tourism, aboriginal and indigenous tourism, educational tourism, cycle tourism. ln your assessment you must describe the factors, comment on the reasons for change and justify your arguments with industry statistics. you should highlight the roots of this issue or underlying factors, then the various impacts this issue has and will have on the travel and tourism industry and then conclude and summarise your findings. Format The coursework should be typed in 12-point font, lines spaced at1 % or double-spaced' The standard coversheet should be attached. ln addition, a title

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