Assignment on Nestle Essay

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Acknowledgement First of all Thanks to ALLAH, the one testing us all at all time and making decisions about what we don’t know and can’t know. Today in the world, it is impossible for a common man to run a business especially in period of competition. This situation demand energetic, qualified ,experienced business administrator who could meet the challenges of this age of modernization .Department of business administration undertake to produce management specialist fully aware of ins and outs of business management, and capable of meeting the challenges of modern environment [pic] [pic] Table of contents In this project we will discuss all the aspects of the company like 1) History 2) Hierarchy 3) Vertical analysis of balance sheet and income statement 4) Horizontal analysis of balance sheet and income statement 5) Ratio analysis * Liquidity ratio *Profitability ratio *Activity ratio *Leverage ratio *Market ratio 6) SWOT Analysis. 7) Interpretation Executive Summary We worked on NESTLE company in Pakistan. In this project report we have worked on the detail analysis of the company has been done and all the financial, managerial, products and brands has been evaluated to analyze the current profit ratios, debt ratio, market ratios and also the horizontal and vertical analysis of balance sheet and income statement and interpretation of all ratios and also explained about the SWOT analysis of company History The Nestle story: Nestle, the present Switzerland based international food group originally consist of two companies and two products: 1) Henri Nestle and his baby food in vevey 2) Anglo-Swiss condensed Milk Company And its condense milk in Cham, both in Switzerland. In 1866 the page brothers from U.S set up a new industry in
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