Assignment On Frederick Douglass's Quest For Literacy

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Name: Cassandra Jacobo Date: 9/13/2013 The Quest for Literacy Writing Assignment When Frederick Douglass first went to live with Mr. and Mrs. Auld, Mrs. Auld began to teach him to read. When her husband found out, she was forbidden to continue. Douglass then decided he would pursue reading and learning on his own. For this assignment, you will write an expository essay on Douglass's quest for literacy. In your essay, you will detail the events that led to Douglass's learning to read and discuss how those events changed his life. Finally, you will address Mr. Auld's predictions regarding what would happen if Douglass learned to read and determine whether or not they came true. Assignment Preparation The following steps will help…show more content…
What part of society do Mr. and Mrs. Auld portray? What parts do the "little white boys" Douglass met in the street portray? Mr. Waters represents another sector of society. What is it? Step Two: Evaluating Douglass's Own Views The Columbian Orator was a book that had a great impression on Douglass. What aspects of this book held the most importance for him and why? How did this affect his quest for literacy? Why does Douglass say that learning was a curse rather than a blessing? Step Three: The Steps in the Quest List the steps that Douglass took in his quest for literacy below. Begin with his arrival at the Auld household and continue to the point where he learned to read and write. (Note: There may be more or fewer steps than spaces provided.) 1. Mrs. Auld was teaching Douglass his ABC’s. 2. Mr. Auld found out and forbade it. 3. Frederick acknowledged the benefit of both Mr. and Mrs. Auld because it was clear Mr. Auld knew he would most likely succeed possibly with trouble along the way if the white found out. 4. Frederick used ways like meeting poor white boy friend to give him knowledge in return for bread to…show more content…
Douglass’ narrative is a recount of the tough life on the plantations before his escape to New York. Douglas describes in this narrative the senseless acts of cruelty on the part of the masters as well as the debased lives of the slaves. In this book he also stated how his master forbade Mrs. Auld to teach him any further, because he felt that once Frederick Douglass learned to read, it would do him no good, but a great deal of harm, it would make him discontented and unhappy, it would forever unfit him to be a slave, and there would be no keeping him. This very much, somehow inspired Frederick Douglass to learn at whatever cost of trouble. Frederick Douglass would bring bread from his home and give an exchange for knowledge with the poor white boys, who was contribute to him being

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