Assignment On Civil Liberties—Free Speech And The Essay

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Steven Alvarado POL 100 Prof. Brown Assignment on Civil Liberties—Free Speech and the First Amendment (1) After reading the two articles I came to the conclusion that the student’s freedom of speech was violated. I don’t think she should’ve gotten into trouble for creating a Facebook page about a teacher, and her teaching methods. I think the only way someone can get in trouble for making a Facebook page is, if they planned to physically hurt someone or a business. This certain Facebook page didn’t even create a ‘disruption’ at school. The ‘disruption’ came from the school itself after suspending the student. Only 3 people commented on it, and they all defended the teacher that the page was about. I think the internet and the people who use it should be fully aware of cyber bullying and how to properly define it. The anonymity of the internet is what makes it so great. There is a forum on the internet who regularly, periodically ‘cyber bully’ people. You can’t get into trouble doing something on, or over the internet unless it’s a case of national security. I remember when I was in high school I got into trouble with other students for commenting on a Facebook page about the school. I didn’t even create it, but I got into trouble. But most of the parents of the other people, who got into trouble, were infuriated and the school decided to drop everything about the page. (2) The MTA is a very efficient medium for advertisement since its trains and buses carry hundreds of thousands of people every day of every hour of the week. Like when its 3am and the only noise is coming from leaves scratching the sidewalks, in a matter of minutes it can be interrupted by a moving train. Most companies and institutions take advantage of this fact and we see various posters plastered across the walls of trains and buses. However, certain ads are questionable in terms

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