Assignment of Soft Drinks Advertisement Analysis

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ASSIGNMENT OF SOFT DRINKS ADVERTISEMENT ANALYSIS [pic] By Aji Dwi Dananto C0306009 English Department Faculty of Letter and Fine Art Sebelas Maret University Surakarta 2011 In this paper i would like to write an analysis about the softdrink advertisements. I will put two softdrink advertisement, the first one is Pepsi advertisement which has used David Beckham as a main character in this adertisemment. He is a famous football player. David Beckham signified many things. He has been chosen very wisely for promoting this product. The fact that he is a world’s famous football player and he has wealth which represents connotations that drinking Pepsi enables and helps him to keep up with his lifestyle. From this perspective, by using a famous people in this advertisement, the products become better in sales results. It makes the people think that if their idols drinks Pepsi then they will think that Pepsi is a good softdrink. All the images in the backgrounds are also conveying the movements which againsignifies that drinking Pespi is such a good lifestyle. [pic] [pic] The second advertisement is Coca Cola advertisement. The advertisement looks very simple in design. We can see that the name and the colors applied in the advertisement are very iconic and typical to recognice. In my opinion the simple design of the bottle signifies refresmnent and it’s also a popular simbol for Coca Cola. The simple phrases of Coca Cola which is written “live on the Coke side of life “ represents Coca Cola is a key into a better way to enjoy the lives. It is full of connotations, that cokes can strengthen and make life more comfortable and it’s the best side to live on. The concept of the advertisements above is that life is not complete without cokes such and Pepsi and Coca Cola. The images above is the advertisements of softdrinks that

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