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Planning as a Management Function As the First Managerial Function, Planning is Critical to Success • May 8, 2009 • Heather Rothbauer-Wanish Planning Ahead is a Vital Part of Management - Ian Britton Planning ahead, utilizing the vision and mission statements of an organization, and making changes to plans when necessary can all lead to the success of a manager. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling occur in every management position. From a gas station to a restaurant, the managers at each of these facilities will need to perform each of the functions. Planning is often listed as the first managerial function because it is critical to the overall success of the organization. According to Bernard L. Erven, planning focuses on the future impact of today’s decisions. Without looking to the future, managers will not know the appropriate decision to make today. Ads by Google Best practices data Change management lessons learned from 575 organizations Create a Meeting Agenda Agenda, Minutes and Tasks. Try it for Free! Mission Statement and Vision Statement Part of the planning process includes developing a mission statement and vision statement. The vision statement is typically a general statement that includes motivation for management and all employees. The vision statement is the ideal way the company hopes to function. The mission statement explains the reason for the business’ existence. What is the purpose of the business? What are the goals of the business? The entire mission statement should be no longer than a paragraph; it should be focused and straight to the point. Employees should know the mission statement of their place of employment so they can sure they are fulfilling the company’s mission. When writing a mission statement for a company, it is often helpful to get inspiration from other

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