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Contents Executive Summary 2 Analytical Tools 3 Porter’s Five Force Model 3 Threat of new entrants 3 Bargaining power of sellers 3 Bargaining power of customer 3 Threat of competition/ rivalry 4 Threat of Substitutes 4 Conclusion 4 Positioning Map 5 Promotional Tools 6 Horizontal Opportunities 6 Conclusion 6 Untapped market segment 7 Conclusion 7 Strategic Intent 8 Conclusion 8 Competitive Advantage 9 Report conclusion 9 Executive Summary This report has been prepared to provide an analysis and evaluation of the current and future state of the business which we will discuss in the following sections. My friend has been into hospitality industry from last 10 years. He runs his family restaurant in Delhi (India). This restaurant has been serving traditional cuisines along with home-made sweets. From last 2 years business is not been making any profit, neither is making any loss. He is just doing it like we say “hand to mouth”. He is just clinging on to this business and trying to survive. With this report, I will be analysing the future prospect of his restaurant, and profitability prospective. To determine the future course of action, I have used two tools from the analytical set and two tools from promotional set of tools from TOOL BOX I started with Porter’s five force model to understand the forces impacting the business, followed by Positioning Map tool instead of Strategic Marketing Grid because industry is still attractive because of the fact there are lot of new restaurants opening up. I had used Positioning Map tool to see the position of our business and where can we position it in future. We don’t want to be too near to the big competitors. We will formulate our strategy in such a way that we don’t compete with our competitors directly as it
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