Assignment Ethnic Groups And Discrimination

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I believe that from the reading that I have done about Italians that they faced a mixture of prejudice and segregation. The prejudice comes in with the fact that when a lot of Italians were immigrating to the United States they were thought of as not really white by a lot of the other European immigrants that were in or coming to this country. So when they were trying to find professions and places to live here they were forced to the lower levels of these things. They had to settle for lower paying jobs and more poor neighborhoods because of this. They were a group of people that immigrated to this country rather than colonizing it because they were not the group that set up the way things should go, but were rather the group of people that had to follow rather than lead. The Italians were affected by the duel labor market because they fell into the secondary labor market which contained the only reward of the wages that they received but were offered no other kind of benefits from their jobs. They later advanced to the upper middle class after World War Two which in my opinion brought them up to the lower level of the primary labor market. Italians were also affected by environmental justice issues because of the reason that they were forced to live in the poorer areas of New York City where they faced little to no restrictions on the environmental hazards that were released into their neighborhoods, but as they became more successful they became less affected by these issues. I do not feel that Italians were affected by affirmative action in any way. Italians were affected by redlining because they were located in the poorer sections of New York City, but when they started being able to obtain better paying jobs they were no longer in the affected group of this discrimination. I do think that Italians were also affected by double jeopardy in the same way that

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