Assignment Analysis: Capella University Writing And Library Database

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This assignment was beneficial in allowing me to see how I had no idea how to research a library database. According to Capella University Writing & Library Resources (2009),” learning how to find credible information and apply it to a problem is a critical skill in nearly all areas of life…”. For that reason, I invested many hours going through all the tutorials to learn how to focus topics, search databases, use effective keywords, apply Boolean commands and other strategies needed to build my research skills. My final assessment score was 16/16; however, the perfect score was no reflection of my ability to apply the concepts and strategies learned to research three articles on a topic related to my specialization, Child and Adolescent…show more content…
The writing and research requirements for social and behavioral sciences are in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 2010). According to the sixth edition of APA (2010) , the purpose of creating a “scientific writing style” is not about right or wrong but to ensure that communication be presented with accuracy, protect the intellectual creation, rights and welfare of research participants. I also needed to understand why research was so important to our everyday life. According to Lester and Lester, Jr. (2007), research develops inquiry-based techniques, teaches methods of discovery, critical thinking, logic, and the basic ingredients of argument. This supports Capella University’s belief that research skills are an important skill in all areas of life (2009). I need to acquire this critical skill as soon as…show more content…
I created the topic, “How Does Homeschooling Impact Social Development in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder?”. As helpful as this research assignment was, I still did not feel confident in my research skills. I can apply the strategies and concepts to create a good topic and have good keywords but the actually search process I feel took too long. Yes, I can find 10-20 relevant on-topic articles that are credible, but after how long? Should not part of this research process be conducted within a certain period of time, if your keywords and topic are “just right”. On the other hand, maybe not, maybe just not having posses this skill longer enough nor have I applied it often enough to have the confidence needed. Research is a critical skill and one not obtained within one assignment. I strongly encourage all of you to practice, practice, and practice researching topics that interest you. Experience, I feel is key to building confidence in most areas of our lives, research appears to be no

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