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CPT140 Database Concepts Study Period 3, 2014 Assignment 2 Due: 11:59pm, Sunday 9th November 2014. Worth: 100 marks in total, which is worth 25% of the overall assessment for the course. Submission: Submission is via the WebLearn assignment submission system. • • • • • • • • • To access WebLearn, log in to myRMIT and go to the Studies tab. Look under Courses and find Database Concepts. Click the Weblearn link. In WebLearn, click on the Assignments button on the right-hand-side and follow the instructions Select “Ian Baker” as tutor. Submit only one file in pdf format or a zip file containing pdfs. Each time you submit, the old submission is over-written with the new submission. Make as many partial submissions as you like, up to the due date. Keep a backup of your submission. Please keep in mind any time differences between your location and Melbourne Dayling Saving Time when submitting your assignment. It is important to keep your confirmation email from WebLearn. It is your proof of submission. Assessment: (1) This is an individual assignment. The minimum penalty for plagiarism is loss of marks for this assignment. If this means that a hurdle requirement is not met, the student fails the course. Please read for further information. (2) For SQL; In the course of marking, queries may be tested on the database. Queries that do not execute without producing errors will receive very low marks (ie Phone, Address ParentName -> Tool_no Job_No -> Percent_Complete Tool_No -> Description The relation is decomposed into ; WorkingBee1(ParentName, Phone, Address, Tool_No, Description) WorkingBee2(Job_No, ParentName) WorkingBee3(Job_No, Percent_Complete) 1. This decomposition is incorrect. Re-do the decomposition correctly. 2. In the new schema, how many jobs can be allocated to one

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