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ISYS104 Introduction to Business Information Systems Assignment 1 Specification |Module |EXCEL (Basic Assignment) | |Due For Completion |To be completed by the beginning of your class in week 3 | |Software Used |Microsoft Excel | Module Assignment worth 100 marks In this assignment, you will: • Make a copy of an Excel workbook that contains data relating to the monthly advertising sales of each of 10 different radio stations here in Sydney. • Add some headings and generally improve the presentation of the data. • Introduce some formulae to perform various calculations. • Create some charts to summarise some of the data in the workbook. • Create some Macros for Radio Advertising Sales An Overview of the Data The data in the workbook (located in O:drive) represents the monthly sales of 10 different radio stations in Sydney/ Each column represents a radio station (eg. 1st column of data is for Todayfm, 2nd column of data is for Nova969, and so on). Each row represents a month of the year (January to December). Setup 1. Make a copy in your directory of the Excel workbook "data.xls" 2. In cell A1, enter you student number. 3. In cell B1, enter your name. Task 1: Presentation (worth 20 marks) 1. Change the numbers into currency $ with 2 decimal points. 2. Merge the cells A2 to N5 and insert the centred (horizontally and vertically) heading “Radio Station Sales” in Red bold Bookman 20 point font with a tan coloured cell. Insert clipart in the merged cell on the left of the heading “Radio Station Sales” 3. In row 6 starting from B6 till K6, start formatting the labels of the radio stations. The cell should be text wrapped so that “Radio Station” is

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