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Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Topic 1 - Identify change requirements and opportunities 3 Topic 2- Develop change management strategy 3 Topic 3- Implement change management strategy 3 Foundation Skills 4 Introduction This unit describes skills and knowledge required to determine strategic change requirements and opportunities; and to develop, implement and evaluate change management strategies. It applies to managers with responsibilities that extend across the organisation or across significant parts of a large organisation. They may have a dedicated role in human resources management, human resources development, or work in a strategic policy or planning area. The unit takes a structured approach to change management and applies to people with considerable work experience and organisational knowledge. No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication. Topic 1 - Identify change requirements and opportunities 1.1 Identify strategic change needs through an analysis of organisational objectives 1.2 Review existing policies and practices against strategic objectives to identify where changes are required 1.3 Monitor the external environment to identify events or trends that impact on the achievement of organisational objectives 1.4 Identify major operational change requirements due to performance gaps, business opportunities or threats, or management decisions 1.5 Review and prioritise change requirements or opportunities with relevant managers 1.6 Consult stakeholders, specialists and experts to assist in the identification of major change requirements and opportunities Topic 2- Develop change management strategy 2.1 Communicate business plan to all relevant parties and ensure

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