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In a Carefully structured essay of about 3-4 Pages, discuss the implications of the findings in this HSRC study on sexist and racist stereotypes in school textbooks for teachers in the classroom. In this essay I will be discussing various definitions such as stereotyping and racism and I will be discussing how textbooks influence a learners' social attitude as well as how I, as a teacher, would deal with these such texts in my classroom. Also reference will be made to how these texts affect a learners' literacy and how I would go about choosing suitable reading material for my students. Firstly I will define what a stereotype is and how sexism, racism and classism form part of stereotyping. Race is a rather emotive and touchy subject to most people around the world. Human race is by definition concerns a large group identity. We are part of our own class, similar to the animal race who has their groups. References to language and linguistics come into play as well as ethnic and cultural differences and physical characteristics as well as the placement of various groups of people geographically. Race is typically viewed as one race being superior to another such in the case of World War Two and Hitler. Now in context, Racism is where people acknowledge the various different groups of people all around the world and who are different culturally and ethnically to others. People have been brought up to be racist to others due to public opinion and also influence from others. It is thusly not a born attitude but rather a learned attitude. Language also affects racism due to not understanding what others may be saying and therefore anger and resentment can become an issue. Racism forms part of Stereotyping because of language and illustrations. May become a tool used to maintain dominance over another society. Media and literature has the ability to make people

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