Assignment 7 Essay

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A. I would like to go to college after high school. Some challenges you may face: * Not enough money * Not having a credit required for the college course * Having to get your own food and cook * Trying to possibly get into residence * Trying to possibly find a house within a good distance of the school campus * Getting the tools or books required for different classes * Getting help when having difficulty in classes * Completing all assignments * Being able to follow a new schedule * Meeting new people (possible group assignments in class) * Having to apply for financial aid * Possibly adapting to a new city or environment * Possibly getting a meal plan within the school * Making sure you have the required courses and grades for the course B. I think I’ve been put in a fair share of changes and challenges for example when I got a waitressing job I had to live on my own for the entire summer 4 hours away from my actual home. I had to adapt which took some time but I realised that I could be independent and do things on my own and I felt like I developed a whole new maturity. I just recently applied for a job where I was interviewed with 5 other people and I have never been put in that situation before where during an interview I had to try and make myself stand out and be memorable over the other. At first I was terrified because the other girls seemed confident but then I realised I was just as good and all I had to do was be myself and not let my nerves get the best of me. I just showed them that I was confident in what I was doing and that I’m reliable. I think that sometime when you are dealing with change some people don’t know how to adapt to the new environment and are scared or nervous but then you may start to either become more comfortable or confident and start to get the hang of

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