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[Type the company name] | CS204: Professional Presence | Unit 2 Assignment | | Katherine C. Heasley | 11/25/2014 | The assignment this week is to find out what professional attire is presentable in the field of study and conduct a personal reflection and connection. | INTRODUCTION The assignment this week is to find out what professional attire is presentable in the field of study. In the following assignment will be broken up into 2 parts. Part 1 consists of the viewing of a slide that is similar to your career, or career goal. I will be in the following paragraphs, addressing several analyses that I observed in the slide. For example: what was the individual profession, what made the individual in the slide professional (attire, communication skills, presentation of self, etc), where there aspects presented that were not professional? The second Part I will address what is the appropriate attire an individual in my future profession, Describe what makes someone a professional in my career field, What behavior attributes do I practice that identify myself as a professional, also What attributes such as attire, communication skills, and presentation do I possess that makes me a professional? Part 1: Watch and analysis The first part of the assignment I had to choose a slide that addressed my career path, I choose Professional Law Firm. The slide had no audio; it was just a picture of a man in a suit stand in front of a book case of book. The picture was of poor quality. I however was able to complete an analysis. I was able to determine that the individual was a male. He was well groomed except the top of his head looked a little messy. The attire of the man seems to be business attire of a black or navy blue suit with a white button up with a yellow tie around the collar. He had good eye contact with the camera, and he portrayed a confident

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