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Assignment Questions The year is 2033, and intelligent life has been found on Mars! Little green Martians have found their way to Earth and have appointed you as the Ultimate Math Ambassador to their planet. You must help them understand how Earthlings use math. 1. Two Martians, Splott and Fizzle, have solved the equation 2x + 4 = –3x + 14. Examine the work of Splott and Fizzle. Identify any errors in the Martians’ calculations and explain, using complete sentences, what corrections they should make. a) The mistake Splott made, was when he was trying to get the four off of the side with (x), he should of subtracted instead of adding four. When he added four it didn’t cancel it out like it was suppose to. The mistakes Fizzle made were first off, he didn’t subtract right. When he did (4-14) it should’ve been (-10) not (-12). The next mistake he made was when he tried to separate the variable (x) from (-5) he shouldn’t have added. To separate the (-5) from the x variable, he has to divide. 2. Create your own function to teach the Martians about functions. Your function must contain at least two different operations. a) f(x) = 8x+2 3. Using complete sentences, prove to Splott and Fizzle that your function is a legitimate function. a) I know that this function is a legitimate function because every (x) and one (y) value. 4. Using your function, explain to the Martians how to solve for f(3). Show your work and explain each step using complete sentences. a) To solve for f(3) you first plug 3 anywhere that (x) is. So for my function, it would look like: f(3)= 8x+2. Then you simplify. To simplify, you would first multiply 8 and 3: f(x)=24+2 now. After you do that you will add 24 and 2, making f(3)= 26. 5. Using complete sentences, describe to the Martians

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