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CUC106 Assignment 1 - Preliminary Research Presenting research into a potential project Project Idea Improving water purification methods to provide potable water for drinking and cooking for preventing health diseases in Sandhikola, Nepal. Skandhan, K. P., Amith, S., Karunatilake, L. P. A., Avni, K. P. S., & Singh, K. (2011). Water purification prescribed in ayurveda. Ayu, 32(4), 448-450. doi:10.4103/0974-8520.96113 In this article, the method of water purification is implementing by using the oldest system medical practices as a traditional knowledge available in India, Ayurveda by employing few kinds of flowers into the water to be purified. Utpala (Nelumbo nucifera), Naga (Messua ferrea), Champaka (Michelia champaca) and Patala (Streospermum suaveolens) are the flowers that were used for water purification method for drinking and cooking purpose. A previous study about the imply method revealed that water is sacred in all religions. For Example, Hindus, sprinkle water on a new born child. Muslims feed a drop of “Zam Zam” holy water from Mecca. Christians perform Baptism. Their recognition of water is important as shown “By means of water God gives life to every living thing”, (Islam: Quran 21:30). “The iota of life is created in water” (Hinduism: Atharvaveda, Asthagarideyam). “Whoever believes in me, stream of living water will pour from whitin him” (Christianity: John 7:38). Furthermore, the recent report showed that attendance in school improved when water supply to the region was improved. These findings are intensely relevant to my project idea, providing a simple purifying method by using four types of flower in different safe water storage is accepted method for purifying water. This method was applied, as an alternative to ensure community will be able to get potable water for drinking and cooking. The most practical option to pursue the

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