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Assignment 6 Bob Dole American Military University August 14, 2013 Assignment 6 Case 18-52 a. Is Joey’s money-laundering scheme likely to work? Joey’s scheme is not likely to work unless he buys off the bankers. This is because of the BSA that is discussed later. b. Is the bank likely to report the deposit of the payment for the yacht by filing a currency transaction report or a suspicious activity report? The bank should report a SAR report because “transactions aggregating $5,000 or more that involve potential money laundering violations of the BSA if the bank knows, suspects, or has reason to suspect that the transaction involves funds from illegal activities or is intended or conducted to hide or disguise illicit funds or assets as part of a plan to violate or evade any law or is designed to evade any of the BSA regulations” (Beauchamp, Bowie, & Arnold, 2013, pg 568). This is also not a typical transaction that would be expected of Joey, and the background on and purpose of the purchase (Beauchamp, Bowie, & Arnold, 2013, pg. 568) would not likely be able to be explained in a way that would dispel doubt about the transaction. The bank would also be required to report it because they have to report “acts that appear oriented to avoid reporting or recordkeeping requirements” or when “insufficient or suspicious information provided by customer” (Beauchamp, Bowie, & Arnold, 2013, pg. 568) as would almost assuredly be the case with Joey. c. Is law enforcement likely to discover his purchase of the house or boat for cash? Again this depends on the buy off of a banker. When the $14 million dollars is deposited by the seller of the house it will set off red flags requiring a SAR. This will then lead to the investigation of the sale, and as mentioned earlier the boat would as well. These two together would prove an even more serious case

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