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“An assignment on Private Security Companies and their activities in Bangladesh” Md. Ariful Islam 1. Introduction Schreir and Caparini (2005:2) define Private Security Companies (PSCs) as ‘companies that specializes in providing security and protection of personnel and property including humanitarian and industrial assets. Private Security: A Brief History of Time One of the earliest recorded examples of private security forces being utilized dates back to the 13th century B.C. Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II hired Nubians (popularly known as Medjai), Libyans, Syrians, and Sherdens (from Sardinia) to compliment Egyptian's own military and security forces. This established practice continued and evolved in ancient Rome where the wealthy hired private security personnel (usually consisting of soldiers who hired themselves out between military campaigns) to protect their families and property. Private security flourished during the middle ages both in Western Europe and Asia. Italian and Chinese warlords procured private security to guard their bases and fight in military campaigns. Once this started happening on a regular basis the private soldiers in these areas began to form structured private organizations. History of private security in Bangladesh According to ‘The Promise Services Ltd.’, Life in a metropolitan is constantly dealing with safety and security issues. From natural hazards to man-made destructions, safety is a vital issue. We yearn for safe days for ourselves and our loved ones whether at home or work. The Promises Services Ltd. is a company that works to ensure us just that safety and security. The History of Private Security Company in Bangladesh is quite recent. It is not always possible for the government law enforcing agencies to ensure security for every citizen. Thus service of private Security Company was felt necessary. Worsening law and

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