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| Assignment 1 | By, Bobbie Whitehead | English 141 | | 1/19/2014 | | Assignment 1 I have created a new word called “cooksurfing”. Cooksurfing is when someone is cooking and surfing the internet at the same time. Anyone that can cook and anyone that knows how to get on the internet can cooksurf. This is the 21st century and the 21st century is the century that is all about technology. Everybody always seems to be in such a hurry and they are go, go, go. Everything seems to be going electronic now and not using paper products for anything. Most people have the internet at home, at work and usually on their cellphones that they walk around with all day. They even have google glasses that you can wear any time, even when you are driving, which I find that very scary. I am a very busy working mom and I have to multi task a lot of the time to get everything done. Dinner time is a very busy time for me. I am trying to help my kids with their homework and sometimes working on my own homework at the same time. I also have to cook dinner for a family of five so the internet can come in very handy. I can search the internet for a quick recipe to do for dinner. I can even watch a video that will show me how to cook something while I cook it with them. I come up with the term cooksurfing one day when I was cooking dinner and my daughter come and asked me a question about her homework. I grabbed my phone and went to google and asked the same question that she asked me and there was our answer. If I would not have had the internet I could not have given her the right answer. This is cooksurfing. I love cooking cakes and new dishes for dinner all the time, but I also have to do work sometimes and can’t leave the kitchen, that is why I came up with the name cooksurfing. It is popular to take pictures of your plate of food and post it on

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