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HR0275 Assessment Checklist: You are strongly advised to work through this checklist before you submit your assessment to the Undergraduate Office. | x | Main Body of the Assessment (60% of overall mark)) | Have you created a title page which includes your word count (excluding Appendices) | | Does the first part of your reflective commentary focus on and demonstrate an understanding of the graduate labour market? Remember you can use your home country here and your reflection can show your understanding of the general marketplace, a specific sector, industry or discipline. | | Does the second part of your reflective commentary present your intended career path? Here you could focus on a discipline or an organisation but you must identify your first target role. It is important in this section that you demonstrate your suitability for your chosen career and in particular your target role and you should use the information from the directed study tasks, for example the psychometric tests and workshops, for example interview and assessment centre feedback to support your analysis. | | Does the third and final part of your reflective commentary bring the work to a conclusion? Have you identified what next? For example have you already secured a placement, if you have do you need to further develop knowledge or skills? Has the feedback identified a skill deficit, if so what do you plan to do this year to address this? | | Appendices (40% of overall mark) | Have you included either a completed career plan or details of your target position; is it consistent with that mentioned in your reflective commentary? | | Have you included your CV written for your target position? Have you improved this using the feedback from week four’s workshop? | | Have you included your cover letter, again this should be written with your target position in

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