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Brianna Cameron GOVT 2301 December 1, 2010 Cumulative Essay When I first signed up to take this class I thought it would be extremely boring and hard to stay focused. When I hear things about politics I automatically tune it out simply because I do not understand what is being said to begin with. This class has opened my eyes a little in more ways than I thought it would. Taking this course with the teacher I had raised my interest level in government, which was not something I expected at all. I figured I would learn about voting rules, passing laws, the constitution and what is was made upon, and what the difference between being a republican or a democrat meant. There wasn’t much I thought id learn, because there wasn’t much I knew about to learn. In a sociology class I took the thing that stuck with me most was my professor talking about how an upper elite class ran most of the economy, and I kind of thought id learn more about that. Although I have heard about some things pertaining to government, a lot of things I read in the book and that were talked about in class were things I can honestly say I have never even heard of. Usually I would also not even care to hear about them but the class lectures made me somewhat interested as I said before. When it came time to read for the chapter exams it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, and I was able to comprehend what I was reading better than any time before. In history something that caught my attention was when people during slave times said that slaves were not citizens. I thought citizens were just people living in a community which meant that before the civil war people thought that slaves were not even people. Then I learned in history that women weren’t considered citizens as well. All to say in chapter one it talks about citizenship and I learned that citizenship is more than just a

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