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1. Human resource management is more important in retailing than in manufacturing firms because employees in retail stores perform its critical business functions. In retail stores employees keep the stores organized, stocked, and are in direct contact with the customers. They are the final link in the supply chain. Human resources is not as important in manufacturing firms because they operate machines which create the products and the employees do not have any contact with the final consumers. 2. Retailers with large store space and a larger selection of product would have specific employees to restock shelves and maintain appearance. Larger retailers would benefit from having these employees in order to keep such large spaces neat and organized to better customer experiences. Disadvantage in using this approach is that retailers would have to hire more employees and their payroll would also be much larger even if they meet their sales goals. Other retailers have sales associates which complete these task along with their daily activities. The advantage in this method would be that managers do not need to hire more employees and their payroll would not increase. The disadvantage in using this method is the sales associates are not giving their full attention to the final customers and could miss out on sales. 3. If an employee is not being productive and not motivated to interact with the customers to create sales then this would be a positive aspect in turnover. A retailer would not want to have employees that will not make them a profit. A negative aspect would be that once the employee quits the store managers must find and hire new employees. There are several ways employers can reduce their turnover. One way of reducing turnover is to giving employees incentives, such as commission and bonuses, in order to motivate them. 4. One way retailers can

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