Assignment 5.1 English 315 Essay

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Assignment 5.1: Report –Draft Version Lauren Dutton May 18, 2013 Strayer University Eng. 315 Professional Communications Carissa Jordan Transmittal June 14, 2013 Daniel K. White CEO of Starbucks Operations 1234 Sweet Street Suwanee, GA 30024 Dear Mr. White, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you. We understand your need for accurate knowledge is crucial in making profitable decisions for any company. Trends come and go in the American culture and keeping up with the market trends is one of the most important things that a company needs in order to make weighty decisions. Americans spend 1.8 billion dollars a year on artificial sweeteners in the United States. (Mercola) 2013 Most everyone has some sort of diet regimen that they go by to keep themselves at a healthy weight. Following the trend in 2013 has brought us to a plant called stevia, a natural alternative to sugar that has become popular in the United States in the last few years. Truvia is the most popular form of stevia in the United States. Truvia has 108, 360 likes on Facebook. (Facebook) 2013 It is two times sweeter than regular sugar. There are three ways that stevia can be used at Starbucks. 1. Truvia packets- to be added to pos stations for customers to add themselves 2. Truvia baking variety- to be used as an ingredient in a select few pasties 3. Truvia syrup- this way is the most cost effective because you can charge extra for the syrup. (Truvia) 2013 It is recommended to use all three forms. You may want to start off with adding the syrup and see how it does and then decide to add the others later. The research suggests all forms of Truvia be added because of the consumer approval rate. Equal was found to have both negative public opinions and is rarely used by customers as a sweetener at Starbucks. Research has

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